YIP YAP KIDS is Coming Soon!
The app that turns your "old smartphone" into a smarter phone for kids!
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How's it Work?
  • Install Yip Yap Kids on that "old phone in the drawer" (iPhone 4S or higher running iOS 8+)
  • Lock it into the app (don't worry, we'll show you how)
  • Download the Yip Yap app on your phone to control the Yip Yap Kids' phone
  • Build your child's Individual Private Network of contacts and content
  • Enable & disable features easily from the parent app
What's it do?
  • WiFi calling with approved contacts
  • Photo & video sharing with approved contacts
  • Parent selected YouTube videos (without ads, commercials, suggestions, or search options)
  • Parent approved games
  • Parent approved videos
  • NO internet access, NO social media!
  • With more features coming soon!