Yip Yap Kids

Introduce kids safely to mobile technology!

The Yip Yap Kids app allows parents to repurpose an old smartphone into an appropriate, parent-controlled WiFi smartphone for kids, at a fraction of the cost of a cellular plan.


At Yip Yap we believe that human to human connection makes life worth it! Now kids can stay connected with:

  • Parents who travel for work
  • Family serving away in the military
  • Grandparents
  • Friends and Cousins

Parents use the Yip Yap grown-up app to manage all contacts and permissions on their kid’s Yip Yap phone.

Contacts receive a secure invitation from the parent through the app via text message, when they install the Yip Yap grown-up p app they’ll complete the new connection.

Yip Yap Kids phones can make and receive calls with approved contacts.
No phone number required.
No cellular plan required.
No Worries for Parents.

“Zoe started talking like crazy as soon as she got this. Calling Gramma is her favorite thing.”
Samantha K.

Worry-Free YouTube

Every parent's dream! Parents create YouTube playlists and share them with their kids, who can ONLY see those videos. No search, no suggested videos.

PLUS! YouTube videos on Yip Yap phones play without commercial or pop-up ads. Just the videos parents approve, plus nothing!

“I used to let my son watch YouTube on my phone while we were waiting in the car line to pick-up my older kids. Now he can watch on his Pipsqueak and I have total control over what he views! It’s awesome.”
Sally J.

Photos & Videos

Staying connected is about more than just talking

Parents can choose to allow approved connections to share photos and videos with their child. Parents have ability to see and delete all content shared to their child’s phone through Yip Yap.

No surprises. No ”what are you looking at?” Just kids connecting with Loved ones.

“Now that he has a Pipsqueak, by grandson doesn’t ask to see photos on my phone after I take them, instead he says, “Send it to my Pipsqueak!””
Clara S.


Kids can jam out on speaker or host a dance party for one with headphones

Parents can share iTunes content and soon will be able to select curated kid’s music from the Yip Yap store.

“It’s so sweet to see my daughter listening to her favorite music while dancing around the house. She loves her Pipsqueak!”
Melanie A.


Parents can choose from a growing selection of paid and free games.

Approved connections can be given permission to purchase games too.

Yip Yap will release new games each month in 2018 to keep the options fresh so kids can keep learning and stay engaged.

Keep an eye out for multiplayer games in 2018!