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How do I activate or set up a new Pipsqueak?

Register Pipsqueak by connecting to a Wi-Fi network and completing the setup process. One of the coolest features of Pipsqueak is it will always be eligible for free software upgrades as they are released, in order to do that we need the Pipsqueak to be registered with our system.

Why do I need the Yip Yap parent app?

The Yip Yap app allows parents to control Pipsqueak directly from their smartphone. Using the Yip Yap app parents can select approved contacts, send videos, photos, and music to Pipsqueak® as well as manage YouTube playlists and make Wifi calls to and from Pipsqueak.

Where can I get the Pipsqueak parent app?

The Yip Yap app can be downloaded for free from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Search “Pipsqueak.”

Where do I find the Registration Code needed to add a new Pipsqueak to the smartphone app?

Once you’ve connected Pipsqueak to Wi-Fi and completed the registration process Pipsqueak will generate a 6 character code. This code can be found under the Settings icon on Pipsqueak. Once you enter the code in the smartphone app and Pipsqueak synchronizes again the registration code will disappear.

What if I don’t have the app?

The app is free to download, but not necessarily required to enjoy many of the benefits of Pipsqueak. You can plug Pipsqueak into a computer and drag and drop video, music and image content. For calling you can still control Pipsqueak’s connection by only routing calls to Pipsqueak® via Bluetooth as you choose.

Why would I want to update the software on Pipsqueak?

We are just getting started with all the features and functions that we have planned for Pipsqueak! Our goal is to delight Pipsqueak users over and over with new functionality and enhancements as Pipsqueak grows and improves right before their eyes, just like their own little Pipsqueaks…er…kiddos.

Where can someone buy a Pipsqueak? Are they the same price everywhere?

Pipsqueak is currently only available at and in select retailer partners around the country. Our suggested retail price for Pipsqueak is $119.99.

Who is Pipsqueak® meant for?

Pipsqueak® was designed specifically for parents and their kids ages 3+. As parents we find ourelves repeatedly yet reluctantly handing over our smartphones to our young children but we continue to do so because until now there have been no age-appropriate and practical alternatives. Pipsqueak satisfies many of the reasons parents are handing over their expensive smartphones, like YouTube, talking, music, videos, games, etc.

Does Pipsqueak® have a SIM card or cellular service plan?

No. Pipsqueak® does not have a SIM card, nor any cellular antenna. It does not have its own phone number either, so someone must go through the parent to talk to the child. Pipsqueak also does not require any monthly fees or plans, it’s just hitchin a ride on mom or dad’s or grammas or baby-sitter’s plan.

Is Pipsqueak® durable?

Pipsqueak® was designed for kids, so it’s built to take a tumble without breaking. If under normal usage conditions Pipsqueak fails to perform as expected please let us know right away at 737-222-4005 or via email at

What happens if I have a warranty issue?

If something comes up where a Pipsqueak isn’t working properly we want to be all over it. You can troubleshoot on your own using the Yip Yap YouTube channel’s video tutorials or the Yip Yap Links from the home page of the smartphone app. You can also call/text message us at 737-222-4005 or email

Our promise is that our products shouldn’t ever bum you or your little one out
because they didn’t do what we said they would do.
Bottom line is we’re going to take care of our customers!

How does Pipsqueak® work for Bluetooth calling?

Pipsqueak® pairs to an existing smartphone just like a Bluetooth headset, so you can route calls from your smartphone to Pipsqueak® allowing your child to talk on their own phone instead of yours.

How Does Pipsqueak® work for Wi-Fi calling?

When on an active WiFi connection Pipsqueak can make and receive calls with approved Connections using the Yip Yap smartphone app. Parents invite people from their phone contact list (Grandparents, Aunties/Uncles, Cousins, Siblings, Baby Sitters, etc.). Those invited contacts then receive a text message with a Magic Link to download the Yip Yap smartphone app. Once logged into the app they will be asked to verify their identity one time ($1 charge), then they can accept the pending connection request and will become an approved Connection for that Pipsqueak.

Parents can easily disable/enable approved Connections as well as set permissions for how Connections interact with Pipsqueak (calling, photos, videos, YouTube, etc.)

Will Pipsqueak connect to any Wi-Fi network?

We’ve found that Pipsqueak will connect to most password protected Wi-Fi networks that don’t require a web browser or anything more than a password to connect. This may include your home, your smartphone’s personal hotspot, or other password protected Wi-Fi networks. Pipsqueak will not connect to Wi-Fi networks that do not require a password, require information in addition to a password, or require a webpage visit. If you run into a Wifi network Pipsqueak won’t connect to please let us know and we’ll see what we can.

Can my child use the Pipsqueak Wi-Fi calling feature for emergencies?

Yip Yap cannot and does not in any way guarantee the connectivity of Pipsqueak, our app and or any combination of anything we have made. This should not be considered, nor should it be used as a primary source of security or protection in any fashion. In other words, Pipsqueak is a life-enhancing device, not intended to be a life-saving device, and we make no representations or guarantees as to the reliability of our products or the services associated with our products.

How do I enable and disable Wi-Fi calling?

In the Yip Yap App select the Pipsqueak you wish to manage. To enable or disable WiFi calling altogether, slide the button next to Connections.

To enable or disable calling for an individual Connection tap the word Connections, then tap the name of the Connection you wish to manage. Slide the WiFi calling button on or off. This permissions screen is where all settings between the Pipsqueak and an individual Connection are managed.

Why am I not receiving alerts for incoming WiFi calls?

The most likely reason you are not receiving alerts for incoming WiFi calls from Pipsqueak is because you need to change the notification settings for the app on your smartphone. In your settings menu, select the Yip Yap app and update the notifications to “alerts.” After changing the setting you will need to close and re-open the app.

How are approved Connections managed on Pipsqueak?

In the Yip Yap App tap the Pipsqueak you wish to manage, then tap Connections. Tap the name of the Connection to open the Permissions for that Connection. Slide the buttons on and off for the various features you wish to enable/disable. Pretty easy.

Does Pipsqueak® require its own calling plan?

No! Save your money! Pipsqueak requires no monthly fees and your purchase from includes a FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to everything Yip Yap currently offers including WiFi Calling, Commercial Free YouTube, Photo/Video Sharing and more.

Can anyone call my child / can my child dial out to anyone?

Through the Yip Yap App parents can set Approved Connections so that only those people can connect with Pipsqueak®. We call it an Individual Private Network. Anyone using a smartphone can download the Yip Yap App and perform a one-time identity verification. Once verified, users can receive Connection requests from parents wishing to connect them to the Pipsqueaks they are managing.

How do I know what Pipsqueak’s remaining battery life is?

From the top row of icons on the home screen of Pipsqueak, press and hold the up arrow to access Pipsqueak’s status screen where you can see remaining battery life, charging status, WiFi and Bluetooth connection status.

How will I know if Pipsqueak® is connected to WiFi or Bluetooth?

On Pipsqueak you can easily see the WiFi and Bluetooth connection status using the status menu shortcut mentioned above. The connection status in Pipsqueak’s Settings menu will also let you know whether it has an active WiFi or Bluetooth connection. From your own phone you can see that it is connected in the Personal Hot Spot and Bluetooth menus of your smartphone.

Does Pipsqueak® work with any phone?

Pipsqueak® should work just fine with any phone equipped with Bluetooth or Personal WiFi Hotspot service. The smartphone apps are available for iOS and Android, though they are not required to enjoy many of the benefits of Pipsqueak.

Where will Pipsqueak® work?

Pipsqueak® can work anywhere, requiring no connection, in order to watch videos, listen to music, play games and do anything stored on the devices memory card. To stream YouTube, make calls, or transfer content Pipsqueak needs to be connected to Wi-Fi. It can connect more than 50 feet away, in many cases up to several hundred feet, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on the environment.

What else does Pipsqueak® do besides talk?

When your child is not using it to talk, Pipsqueak® is built for play! They can watch YouTube without ads, commercials, or suggested content. They can listen to music you load, capable of holding hundreds of songs, with an audio jack to plug in headphones (earbuds included!), or listen out-loud through the built-in speakers. Pipsqueak® can play games, several games come pre-loaded on Pipsqueak®, we hope to offer more games in the coming months that will be available through the smartphone app. Pipsqueak® can also receive and store photos and videos to its 4GB memory card when sent by parents via the app.

Will Pipsqueak® work with other Bluetooth devices?

Pipsqueak works like a connected “headset” via Bluetooth, all other connectivity such as content transfer and video streaming is accomplished via Wi-Fi.

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