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Ommmmmmmmgoodness, me and my 2&half year old are so in love with this awesome invention/inventors. I can not wait to tell/show all of my mommy/daddy friends this awesome "phone" for kids. Not only am i obbessed with this technology designed for kiddos but just meeting the family/mother and father of this cool invention was such a blessing. They were soo sweet, and beyond amazing. If u guys do not have this device or are questioning weither or not to purchase it, DO! Because just right away did my toddler understand how to use it & i no longer worry of hearing her ask for my $600 phone.

The Coolest thing to me is i get to control it all, to what she listens to, to what she watches and plays... pretty neato. 10 thumbs up!

Best of luck to u guys

- Lindsey R.

Have had the device for over a month now and it works fantastic. Kids love it and has reduced any chance of our cell phones getting damaged by an accidental drop by the kids.Kids always wanted the cell phone while in the shopping cart, now it is the Yip Yap instead. Bought 2, the kids are using one and gave the other to brother in law for nieces.

– Leonard S.

WE LOVE THE PIPSQUEAK!!! My son Henry received the Pipsqueak for his 6th birthday. He will not put it down!!! He loves to say, "this is MY phone". He immediately was able to toggle between apps and understand the features. Very easy to use for a 6 year old. LOVE IT!!!

– Sarah Z.

My 3 year old daughter loves the phone! She calls I her mini phone because it actually fits in her hand vs. my I phone 6plus which she has the tendency to drop. It's easy to use for a 3 year old and the app for my phone was easy to install within a few minutes I had download her a playlist of movies. The Bluetooth was also easy to set up and I feel a whole lot more comfortable having her talk with grandma on her yip yap vs my $600 I phone. Wish I would have had one of these when my boys were little too, would recommend to anyone with children.

– Bryan B.