Pipsqueak is packed with fun!

From Calling, to YouTube, to Photos, Videos, and Games, Pipsqueak has the features your kids love in a device made just for them!


At Yip Yap we believe that human to human connection makes life worth it! So Pipsqueak can make and receive secure WiFi calls to parent approved Connections without requiring an expensive cellular plan or a phone number.

  • Parents create an Individual Private Network of Connections for their child using the Yip Yap App.
  • A simple and secure invitation process ensures only parent approved Connections are allowed.
  • Parents can enable and disable the WiFi calling feature altogether, or only for specific Connections, quickly and easily using the Yip Yap App.
  • Yip Yap’s calling features help parents stay connected with their kids while they are traveling for work, military, or in split households.
  • Pipsqueaks can even call other Pipsqueaks, perfect for keeping kids connected to cousins and friends across the hall, across town or across the world.

*Pipsqueak can also work like a Bluetooth headset when connected to a smartphone. Route call audio to Pipsqueak while the connection is live on your smartphone.

“Zoe started talking like crazy as soon as she got this. Calling Gramma is her favorite thing.”
Samantha K.

Commercial-Free YouTube

Tired of handing over your smartphone so your kid can watch YouTube? With Yip Yap’s custom YouTube player, kids see ONLY the videos that parents approve, and Yip Yap shows NO COMMERCIALS!

  • Parents can create & add playlists to Pipsqueak right from their smartphone using the Yip Yap App (most publicly available and kid appropriate videos can be added).
  • Pipsqueak offers the only YouTube player that allows kids to watch with NO commercials, ads, suggested videos, or search options.
  • Connect Pipsqueak to a personal hotspot on a smartphone for YouTube on the go. Now parents can let kids enjoy YouTube without having to give up functionality on their own phones while doing it.
  • Don’t want your child to have access to YouTube for an hour/day/week/ever? Simply disable YouTube in the Yip Yap App and YouTube will disappear from Pipsqueak!
“I used to let my son watch YouTube on my phone while we were waiting in the car line to pick-up my older kids. Now he can watch on his Pipsqueak and I have total control over what he views! It’s awesome.”
Sally J.

Photos & Videos

Kids often are swiping a parent’s smartphone to look at pictures and videos of themselves. With Pipsqueak, parents and approved Connections can send those photos and videos directly to Pipsqueak via the Yip Yap App. Now kids can look at their favorite pictures and videos all they want, on their own phone! Say “cheese!”

  • Photos and videos are sent from the app and temporarily stored in the cloud until Pipsqueak has an active Wi-Fi connection, at which time they are delivered to Pipsqueak and stored on the memory card.
  • Photos and videos can also be dragged and dropped to Pipsqueak’s memory card from a computer using the included USB cable.
  • With a 4GB memory card (expandable to 16GB) Pipsqueak can keep kids connected to the people they love with space for hundreds of photos and videos of family and friends.
“Now that he has a Pipsqueak, by grandson doesn’t ask to see photos on my phone after I take them, instead he says, “Send it to my Pipsqueak!””
Clara S.


Let’s get this playdate started! Pipsqueak is also a music player and can hold hundreds of songs. Listen out loud through the built-in speakers, or plug in headphones for a party of one.

  • Drag and drop MP3 files (songs, audio books) from your computer to Pipsqueak using the included USB cable.
  • Send MP3 files directly from your Android smartphone to Pipsqueak using the Yip Yap Parent App.
“It’s so sweet to see my daughter listening to her favorite music while dancing around the house. She loves her Pipsqueak!”
Melanie A.


Pipsqueak is here to play! With a color LCD display, built-in speakers, plenty of storage for games, and a directional keypad, Pipsqueak is perfect for gameplay.

  • Pipsqueak currently has four games available with plans to release more in the future.

Copycat Voice Recording

“Stop copying me!” “Stop copying me!” With Copycat kids can record messages then alter the playback speed to make their voice sound funny. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that allow us to laugh the most.


Because kids’ tastes are always changing, Pipsqueak is customizable! Go from red to yellow or Pirates to Princesses. With removable cover-plates you can change the color and design of Pipsqueak as often as you want.

  • Check back soon for themed accessory packs including cover-plates, YipChips, and dangles.
  • Make your own custom YipChips using a photo or drawing and a 1.5 inch hole punch!