About Us

Yip Yap is an Austin, TX based startup that is on a mission to provide solutions that help parents to parent in the digital age. 

Co-founder of Yip Yap and mom of four young kids, Angela Smith found herself reluctantly yet repeatedly handing her $600 smartphone to her kids to talk to their dad when he was traveling and to watch videos of themselves taken on her phone.  Recognizing the risks associated with allowing her kids to use her phone she thought, "There must be a better way to introduce my kids to mobile technology."  When that thought met her husband, a wireless industry veteran of nearly 20 years, Yip Yap was born!

At Yip Yap we are changing the way kids (and their parents) do wireless! We have created a complete solution that empowers parents to give their kids a mobile device that operates within a walled-garden of features and functions completely managed by parents via an app on their smartphone.  Using the Yip Yap App parents can manage and curate connections to content and contacts directly from their own phone. 

Yip Yap’s first product, PIPSQUEAK, launched in 2016 and has been well received by hundreds of users. The Yip Yap team is hard at work building out an ecosystem of features and functions that will continue to delight kids, their parents and their Loved Ones.

The Yip Yap team is made up of some of the brightest and most accomplished talent the wireless industry has to offer. We are dedicated to helping connect kids safely to the people and content they love, and invite you to join us in that effort.

Playtime is calling…!