Yip Yap Was On Reality TV!

It was very surreal to see ourselves on TV!  Last night we were featured on episode three of the reality TV show 'Rooster & Butch' on A&E. If you didn't catch the episode, you can stream it through the A&E app or they may replay it as they've done that with episodes one and two.

We've had an outpouring of support post the airing of the show and wanted to give a quick video update (01/25/2018).


Click here to learn more about  Why We Do What We Do!  

And for those that have watched the show AND checked out this blog post then we'll give you a little nugget of truth...Michael is NEVER at a loss for words!  :)

Thank you!
Angela & Michael Smith




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  • I saw the show on A&E last night and wanted you both to know that I’m pulling for you. Love the product and very impressed by the blood, sweat and tears you have put into it. Fortunately for me, my only child is 23 in the PHD program at the University of Idaho.

    From the YouTube update it sounds like you are getting ready to blow the roof off of this, Happy for you and can honestly say it couldn’t happen to nicer people. Congratulations ? and look forward to seeing your next product on the market soon.

    Joel McCauley
    Greenville, SC

    Joel McCauley

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