A Non-Techy Tech Founder

In last month’s blog post Avoiding Disaster & All Things YouTube I mentioned that while I am the founder of a tech company, I AM NOT TECHY!  That's the truth! 

  • I’ve never gone into a store and selected what smartphone I wanted.
  • I’ve never transferred the data or contacts from an old phone to a new phone.
  • I’ve never setup my email accounts on a new phone.
  • I didn’t setup my phone to be our apple TV remote.

I use technology and I have all of these things properly working on my smartphone, but it’s all thanks to my husband Michael who is the IT Director of our home, (although I am sure our 11 year old will be taking over that title sooner than later). 

So how did I end up as the founder of a tech company for kids?  Six years ago Michael was traveling frequently for work.  We had two young children and no home phone.  In order for the kids to talk to him, I had to hand them my expensive and fragile smartphone.  I cringed as I repeatedly handed it over and thought to myself – there must be a better way!  I envisioned a Bluetooth headset that looked like a phone that I could hand to my kids and send the audio of my calls to (we’ll talk about Bluetooth and the evolution of WiFi calling in a future post).  With their own "phone" they could talk to daddy whenever they wanted.   When I shared my vision with Michael he understood it immediately both as a dad and as a wireless industry professional.

Through our years of developing Pipsqueak to what it is today, we looked at other reasons, in addition to talking, that parents hand over their phones and that has informed the various features that are currently available or will eventually be available on Pipsqueak.  In February on social media we highlighted the commercial/ad/suggestion/search FREE YouTube player.  In March on social media we highlighted the transfer of video and photo content. 

Kids love to look at photos and videos of themselves and their loved ones.  As a mom I want them to remember special moments and fun times!

These days most of those photos are taken with and stored on our smartphones creating yet another scenario of handing over our phones to our kids.  Now that we have Pipsqueak, when I take a photo of our little ones they don't say, “Let me see it!”  Instead they say, “Send it to my Pipsqueak!” 

By using Pipsqueak’s video and photo transferring feature I am thwarting another reason to hand them my phone while still allowing my kids to enjoy their favorite photos and videos.  And it's easy to do through the Yip Yap parent app...even for us "non-techy" moms!

Being a founder of Yip Yap has been an amazing journey and one that started at the intersection of a mom with a problem and a vision to solve it and a husband with relevant industry experience and an entrepreneurial spirit!  We consider it a blessing to be helping kids safely connect to the people and content they love!  

Have questions about the Transferring Photos and Videos?  No problem!  Watch the YouTube Video Tutorials below, OR follow the steps below the videos, OR call/text us at (737)222-4005, OR email us at contact@yipyap.com:


 On iPhone:

  • Open the Yip Yap App on your phone then select Media Sync.
  • Select the Pipsqueak you wish to send content to at the top of the screen.  
  • Choose to select a video or photo or to take a new video or photo.
  • Once the content is sent, if Pipsqueak is connected to WiFi, open the Photo or Video apps to look for the sent content.  If it isn’t there yet, exit and reopen the apps on Pipsqueak to refresh.

On Android:

  • Open the Yip Yap App on your phone then select Manage Media from the menu
  • Scroll the app icons left/right, then press and hold the icon to bring up the selection menu.
  • Choose the desired photo or video or take a new photo or video. Upload should begin shortly thereafter.

A few Notes:

  • Photos and videos are sent from the app and temporarily stored in the cloud until Pipsqueak has an active Wi-Fi connection, at which time they are delivered to Pipsqueak and stored on the memory card.
  • Photos and videos can also be dragged and dropped to Pipsqueak’s memory card from a computer using the included USB cable.
  • With a 4GB memory card (expandable to 16GB) Pipsqueak can keep kids connected to the people they love with space for hundreds of photos and videos of family and friends.

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