Avoiding Disaster and All Things YouTube!

Every Thursday morning I take a break from my job of Yip Yap founder to make photocopies at the elementary school.  It’s a simple way I can give a little time back to my kids' teachers.  In tow is my 4 year old.  This scenario could easily be a RECIPE FOR DISASTER: 45-60 minutes in a teacher lounge where there’s a laminator, staplers, soda machine, paper cutters, teacher cubbies, and a very expensive copy machine.  Except this scenario is not a disaster because we bring his Pipsqueak, and he is excited to watch his favorite YouTube videos that I’ve curated onto a playlist for him. 

At Yip Yap we are looking at all the reasons parents (ourselves included before Pipsqueak) are handing our phones to our little ones and resolving those with Pipsqueak! 

The YouTube player is a favorite feature and here are a few reasons why:

  • Parents can create & add playlists to Pipsqueak right from their smartphone using the Yip Yap Parent Companion App (most publicly available and kid appropriate videos can be added).

  •  Pipsqueak offers the only YouTube player that allows kids to watch with NO commercials, ads, suggested videos, or search options.

  • Kids can watch YouTube on the go when connected to a smartphone’s personal hotspot and that smartphone will still be fully functional including calling, texting, GPS, web navigation and more.

Already using the YouTube player?  Click this link and share your kiddo's favorite YouTube video in the comments of this post on our FB page!

Not using the YouTube feature yet?  What’s stopping you?  Join the hundreds of other families that have stopped handing over their $600 phones!  It’s easy to get setup.  Below are two short tutorial videos (<50 seconds each) on setting up and adding YouTube Videos to a playlist on Pipsqueak and below that is the step by step process:

 The Step by Step Process to Setup YouTube on Your Pipsqueak:

  • If you don’t already have the YouTube app installed on your smartphone, download, install and login or login to YouTube using your computer.  

  •  Search a desired video in YouTube, then press the 3 dots to the right of the video title and select Add to Playlist.  Create a new Public Playlist or select an existing Public Playlist. *Tip - when creating YouTube playlists for your kiddo, you may want to create multiple lists then you can switch between lists, i.e. Johnny’s Favorites, Johnny’s Educational, Johnny’s Music.
  • Open the Yip Yap app and select YouTube from the menu.  The first time it will ask to login and associate a Google/YouTube account with Pipsqueak.
  • Press Select Playlist to assign a playlist saved in the YouTube account.  
  • To refresh Pipsqueak’s YouTube videos or playlists exit YouTube on Pipsqueak then reopen. (Pipsqueak must be connected to WiFi to view YouTube videos).

I know not everyone spends time in the teacher’s lounge regularly, but what about the doctor’s office, dentist office, pickup line at school, a restaurant with a friend (yep, I am guilty….sometimes I want and need to have lunch with a friend that includes full complete uninterrupted sentences and I’ll use YouTube to get it).  Despite the fact that I am the founder of a tech company, I am not techy (to be explored in a future post) and I don’t advocate screens as babysitters….but in some cases our Pipsqueak comes in pretty handy and it’s also handy not to be handing over my phone!

Have questions about the YouTube feature or other Pipsqueak features?  Leave a comment on our FB page!

Still need help getting your YouTube player setup?  No problem!  Call or text (737)222-4005 or email us at contact@yipyap.com.

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