Introducing Kids Safely to Mobile Technology

With Yip Yap, Parents are Always in Control.

Yip Yap combines communication, content, and parental controls into an easy-to-use app for parents. From the Yip Yap App parents create an Individual Private Network for their child that only has access to who and what the parents allow. Create Connections with Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles, Siblings, Friends and other Loved Ones to connect securely through the Yip Yap App. Parents can allow Connections to share photos & videos, make WiFi calls, Create YouTube Playlists and more. The best part is parents have FULL VISIBILITY and FULL CONTROL over what is on their child’s phone.

Yip Yap is the perfect solution for Introducing Mobile Technology to children.

Try it for FREE! Download the Yip Yap App from your favorite app store!

Pipsqueak Features


Pipsqueak can make and receive WiFi calls to parent approved contacts using the Yip Yap App, no phone number required.

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Commercial-Free YouTube

With Pipsqueak's custom YouTube player, kids can watch ONLY the videos that you approve!

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Photos & Videos

Parents and approved contacts can share photos and videos directly with Pipsqueak through the Yip Yap App.

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Pipsqueak is also a music player and can hold hundreds of songs. Listen out loud through the built-in speakers, or plug in headphones for a party of one.

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With a color LCD display, built-in speakers, plenty of storage for games, and a directional keypad, Pipsqueak is perfect for gameplay.

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Copycat Voice Recording

Fast like a chipmunk? Or slow like a sloth? With Copycat, kids can record their voice and play it back at various speeds for a fun effect.

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Because kids’ tastes are always changing, Pipsqueak is customizable! With removable cover-plates you can change the color and design of Pipsqueak as often as you want.

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Kids & Parents Love It!

Have had the device for over a month now and it works fantastic. Kids love it and has reduced any chance of our cell phones getting damaged by an accidental drop by the kids. Kids always wanted the cell phone while in the shopping cart, now it is the Yip Yap instead. Bought 2, the kids are using one and gave the other to brother in law for nieces.
– Leonard S.

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