YipYap Pipsqueak phone for kids
The first bluetooth phone for kids
The First Bluetooth Phone for Kids

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Pairing YipYap Pipsqueak is quick and easy

Calling all motor mouths! Pairing Pipsqueak to your phone for the first time is easy. Simply turn on Bluetooth on mom or dad’s phone and select “Pipsqueak” from the device list. Once connected, you can route calls to Pipsqueak easily.

YipYap is a phone for kids
YipYap Pipsqueak has built-in speakers

Let’s get this playdate started! Pipsqueak is also a music player and can hold hundreds of songs. Listen out loud through the built-in speakers, or plug in headphones for a party of one.

YipYap Pipsqueak can play music
YipYap has plenty of storage for games

Pipsqueak is here to play! With a color LCD display, built-in speakers, plenty of storage for games, and a directional keypad (located on the 2, 4, 6 & 8 buttons), Pipsqueak is perfect for gameplay.

YipYap Pipsqueak is perfect for games